Luca Scacchetti’s new project paves the way for new prospects and experiences in Vittorio Grifoni’s home design world. Imbued with tradition, and seeking to retrieve craft forms and techniques normally not considered for modern-day furniture, these collections are at odds with the usual style rules; classic, modern, contemporary, designer
Five themes run through this Italian excursion:
le Sculture, gli Intrecci, le Curve, i Decori, i Bassorilievi.

A new form of elegance, abundant in Italian character and tradition

Often beauty assumes forms of fantasy that embody its principles of freedom: its "Necessary Angels"

Arch. Luca Scacchetti

Luca Scacchetti

With the pride of those who have been guided to discover what they were able to do, we want to thank the genius who put all his professionalism and passion in this important project, and we are happy to present the collection “Florentia – Grifoni Home Design “, The latest gift and” legacy “of the great architect Luca Scacchetti for the design world.

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