The heavens, as a place to turn to and lift your enchanted gaze, have always attracted children and adults alike.

An explosion of colours, love blossoming like buds in spring, like flowers, like the wind. An ode to the beauty of everything that flourishes.


Remaining in the world of nature, we wanted to play with the colours of the decorations and prints of the fabrics, fine English velvet in plain colours and patterns. With a nostalgic look at the enchanted garden of our childhood.

Delicate embroideries on linen and cotton in pale shades highlight the oriental shape of the padded headboard that characterises this new collection. The overall effect is balanced and elegant.


This new Grifoni proposal reminds us of a romantic dawn, with its clean lines and the bright colours used to cover the headboard. Embroidered linen and orange velvet edges.


Travelling the road of a tradition consumed but never exhausted, I offer you a room designed for the world of teenagers.


Naughty monkeys bounce from one branch to another to cheer up the eventful nights of our children. The furnishings are cream coloured with midnight blue details.

The theme of nature is developed in this room with the silhouettes of birds on branches, conveying a natural, almost poetic grace to all the furniture.


The sanded finish wood stands out on the furnishings of this room, making the overall atmosphere very warm and enveloping, sometimes textured. The possibilities for matching with fabrics and decorations are endless. We decided to offer a very soft version.


As fresh as a sea breeze, the new Grifoni proposal is balanced in its colours and finishes. Suitable for any setting, with its soft eighteenth-century lines embellished with carvings decorated with gold leaf.