The sculture

All Italian art is permeated with sculpture and Florentine art has exalted its splendor over the centuries through its most illustrious interpreter, Michelangelo Buonarroti.

The Intrecci

The INTRECCI collection brings another Florentine tradition back to life: plaited straw which, after the Second World War, became a specific economic resource in the rural communities of the areas located along the bed of the River Arno.

The Curve

The reference to curved shapes in CURVE is the result of a dual approach: on the one side, there is the whole tradition of curved, rounded furnishings typical of the seventeenth-eighteenth century, where the corners and undulations of the shapes are reinforced by gold and silver leaf; and on the other side, there are the gentle, fascinating curves of the Tuscan, Florentine and Sienese landscapes.

The Decori

In the DECORI collection, with its clean and essential lines and absolute, compact volumetric masses, one part, a fragment, is carved out and finely decorated with floral motifs or gilded decorations.

The Bassorilievi

Architectural elements and their patterns are the basic inspiration for the BASSORILIEVI collection.